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"I'm your local Akron home buyer.
How can I help you?"

Phil Dregalla
Dregalla Development, LLC
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"I'm your local Akron home buyer. How can I help you?"

Phil Dregalla
Dregalla Development, LLC
Click here to email Phil
Click to call: (330) 422-3355


For many of our clients, even though they’re selling, they care what happens to their house. They want it treated with respect, and they want it to continue being a home to someone. They also want to preserve the quality of the neighborhood. When you sell your house to Dregalla Development, you can be confident that these values will be respected. Check out these before-and-after posts to see some examples of the quality of work we do!



“A friend referred Phil to my sister and me as we prepared to sell our parents’ house. Said he was trustworthy. He was! We were initially nervous. Skeptical. Paranoid about being taken. Phil was respectful, professional, easy to work with from start to finish. He responded quickly to our questions and seemed to understand our worries. We kept waiting for something to go wrong. Didn’t happen. Quick. Easy, painless. Phil offered a very fair price before we told him what we wanted. Couldn’t be more pleased. Can’t wait to see the house we grew up in brought back to life in Phil’s hands. Highly recommend.”

–Renee K.


 Yes, we actually do want to hand you a pile of cash in exchange for your property… the sooner, the better! This is the first step in making that happen. Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Then click Submit. We’ll check out your property and get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

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    “Phil is a great guy to work for as a general contractor. He’s on point with everything, on time pay, very responsive and hands-on with all projects. It’s been a good year! Thanks, Phil!”

    –Thomas R.



    “My pleasure to work with someone as professional as yourself, as well as those within your operation. Looking forward to continued mutual success with transactions!”

    –Claudine S.


    Dregalla Development offers cash payments for properties in all conditions. When you deal directly with us, you don’t have to worry about dealing with banks, home inspectors, real estate agents, or credit agencies. Our relationship will be completely private, and we cover all costs. You walk away with an envelope of cash and a spring in your step. It really is that simple!

    How does it work? It all starts with you contacting Dregalla today! Just click the button below to let Dregalla know some details about your property, and we’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours!

    run down house



    “Professional and on point. I highly recommend using Dregalla Development.”

    –Matthew M.


    money in hand

    That’s right… no fees for you! We cover all closing costs!

    Whenever you have to deal with lawyers or agents, they take a healthy chunk of the profits for themselves. When you sell your house to Dregalla Development, the deal is just between us, with no financial institutions or third parties involved. This is an ideal solution for the individual who just wants to get rid of a property they no longer have a use for, but don’t want to have to deal with showings or pay expensive commissions.

    Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this great offer… because something like this doesn’t come along every day!


    Dregalla Development has a simple philosophy: we treat everyone as an equal, and we have yet to meet someone we couldn’t help in some way. So what types of challenges do we help fix for our clients?

    SURVIVORS: If you’ve recently suffered a bereavement and have inherited real estate you need to sell, Dregalla will make you a fast offer, and a deal can be struck in as little as a few hours. With our cash offer in hand, you won’t need to wait for lawyers or courts to finally give you what’s yours. Contact us today to learn more.

    LANDLORDS: Tired of dealing with tenants? We have been landlords ourselves for over 16 years so we understand being a landlord can be extremely difficult. If your rental property has turned out to be more of a headache than a dream investment, Dregalla can still help you turn this situation around. Walk away from your headache with an envelope full of cash and get on with your life!

    REPAIR NIGHTMARES: If you have a property that you’re embarrassed to put on the market because of how much work it needs, or if your home is a money pit you simply can’t afford to keep any more, we need to talk. Repair jobs are our specialty! There’s no house too run down for us to make a cash offer on. We will always give you a fair assessment of your home’s value, and will make you a fair offer. If you accept, the cash is yours on the spot.

    FORECLOSURES: If you’re facing bankrupcty or foreclosure and need to generate cash quickly, Dregalla is the company to turn to. We understand that everyone falls into difficult situations sometimes. We’ll bend over backwards to make sure you get a fast, fair offer on your home, and if you accept our offer you’ll walk away with cash in hand.


    Throughout his life, Phil Dregalla has always been two things: an entrepreneur with a keen business sense, and a committed family man of deep faith who is always looking for ways to help people help themselves.

    Phil’s background includes decades of experience in technology and finance, and his real estate investment experience dates back to 2005. Phil’s unique financial and technological expertise coupled with his years of real estate experience make him qualified to provide his clients with accurate market analysis leading to fair cash offers for their property.

    Originally from Erie, PA, Phil is a graduate of Erie Cathedral Prep and the University of Pittsburgh. Since 2007, he’s called Akron, OH home. Phil is married to Lisa, a lifelong Ohio resident. Phil has developed significant ties in the business communities of Erie and Pittsburgh, PA, Akron / Cleveland, OH as well as Scottsdale / Phoenix, AZ (where he lived full time for nearly 10 years and still maintains a residence).

    Phil Dregalla


    Questions? Concerns? Just want to know how the whole thing works? Use the contact form below. Our goal is to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, usually much less.

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