Glenmount Ave Renovation

1559 Glenmount Ave was purchased from the MLS after the sellers had listed the property. It required a fairly extensive renovation including gutting the kitchen and main bathroom. We also gutted the basement and then build a full bathroom with a shower down there. It had original hardwood floors that were in rough shape, but we were able to breathe some life back into them bringing them back to their former glory. The buyers were 1st time homeowners and were very excited to call this beautifully renovated house their home!

The kitchen was a little painful to look at with the matching dark floor tile and backsplash. That all had to go (along with the countertops)!

Glenmount Kitchen – Before Renovation

Adding beautiful tile to lighten up the room, along with white cabinets.

1559 Glenmount Ave Kitchen – After Renovation

The kitchen was pretty narrow so we wanted to be sure we were utilizing the space as best as possible.

Glenmount Kitchen – Before Renovation

Choosing lighter colors for the walls, floors and cabinets certainly makes the room feel a little more spacious. Adding beautiful granite countertops was a significant unexpected bonus for a home at this price point.

1559 Glenmount Ave Kitchen – After Renovation

The bathroom was pretty torn apart which required us to demo it down to the studs and start from scratch.

Glenmount Bathroom – Before Renovation

We rebuilt all of the walls, installed a new tub and shower combination, and again taking it to the next level with double sink granite countertop.

1559 Glenmount Ave Bathroom – After Renovation

The dining room had layers of wallpaper which is always poses a challenge and typically requires significant wall repair.

Glenmount Bathroom – Before Renovation

Again the floors were rough but they turned out beautifully. We also decided to keep the built-ins but making some repairs and painting them white gave them some new life.

1559 Glenmount Ave Dining Room – After Renovation

The "Sun Room" showed anything but sun when we bought the house! We had to install a new ceiling (after the new roof above) and do something with the old, dark, beat-up paneling.

Glenmount Sun Room – Before Renovation

Taking down the dark curtains and lightening up the walls really opened up the room. Add the new flooring and metal railing for the stairs really finished off the room.

1559 Glenmount Ave Sun Room – After Renovation

The bedrooms were all a little rough. But they, like the house in general, had good bones that needed some love.

1559 Glenmount Ave – Bedroom Before Renovation

Once again, the floors turned out beautifully! After repairs to the walls and ceilings, so did the rest of each of the rooms.

1559 Glenmount Ave Bedroom – After Renovation

The basement was, well.... nasty! We took down several walls and pulled up all of the flooring (among other things) to get rid of the smell(s).

1559 Glenmount Ave – Bathroom Before Renovation

After a lot of work, the basement turned out beautiful. See the full bathroom that we built on the right side of this photo.

1559 Glenmount Ave Basement – After Renovation

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